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Most of the students are worried before exams. They try to guess what can come in their examinations. They are not sure how to plan their strategy and approach upcoming questions. To solve their anxiety and high exam pressure, studying AIOU Past Papers is the best way to get higher marks. 

The majority of questions in the exams come from the AIOU Past Papers. You can look at these papers to get an idea for future papers. These previous AIOU papers can be very useful, and help in the revision of most important questions in a short time. 

AIOU’s old papers are the exam papers from recent years that provide support. We are going to provide you with the maximum number of AIOU past examination papers for all subjects and courses. These papers will serve as AIOU guess papers as well. Without any more wait, let’s discuss all the courses of Allama Iqbal Open University and their unsolved past papers.

AIOU Past Papers Matric Download

AIOU Matric semester 1 to semester 4 past paper questions plays a vital role in the preparation for the exam. Practice questions before final exams to exceed the chances of getting higher grades. All matric courses which are being offered by AIOU have old papers for the spring and autumn semesters. Courses include Arts as well as Science and Darse-e-Nizam which belongs to the general group. 

There are past 5 years’ papers available here which are the most important. If you prepare these 5-year-old AIOU papers, definitely you can pass the semester with A+ Grade. Click on your code of the following codes and start practicing. 

  • 201 AIOU Code Islamiyat Compulsory download papers
  • 251 AIOU Code Pakistan Studies Compulsory download papers
  • 208 & 210 Garment Making 1 & 2 AIOU Code Prerequisite in Optional
  • 204 AIOU Code Urdu Compulsory download papers 
  • 207 & 221 AIOU Code Compulsory English-I & II papers
  • 247 & 248 AIOU Code Mathematics-I & II papers

AIOU Past Papers Inter (FA ICOM ICS) Download

AIOU past papers FA familiarize you with the expected questions in the finals. If you are unable to complete your book just before exams then study AIOU solved papers. HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) papers are the first step towards professional studies. Download Inter Part 1 & 2 papers and use them as a guide, and try to make notes on these questions. 

AIOU’s past papers for ICS, ICOM, and DCOM are online and downloadable here. Attempt 5 out of 8 questions, and debrief your answers to get maximum marks. AIOU fresh students of the first year and second year ensure to cover maximum topics and judge exam patterns. With little effort, students can attain much benefit from old guess papers. 

  • 316 AIOU Code Islamiyat Compulsory Subject
  • 317 AIOU Code Pakistan Studies Compulsory Subject
  • 363 & 364 AIOU Code Urdu I & II Compulsory Subject
  • 386 & 387 AIOU Code Compulsory English I & II
  • 312 AIOU Code Education
  • 394 & 395 AIOU Course Code Prerequisite in Optional
  • 398 & 399 AIOU Course Code Prerequisite in Optional
  • 1307 & 1308 & 1309 AIOU Course Code Pre-requisite in Optional

AIOU BA Past Papers Bachelor (B.Ed BS BCOM BBA) Download

AIOU past paper BA helps students to pick out questions that are probably to come up. To get top grades students should follow the AIOU old papers BA. Many of them just focus on memorization for exam preparation, so in a short time, the best thing to do is consult from guess papers. 

Other AIOU bachelor courses i.e. BS, B.Ed, BCOM, BBA, etc also have a semester system. Overall there are 4 & 8 semesters respectively for different courses, each semester carrying a 6 month time period to complete. B.Ed 1.5, 2.5 year past papers are online available on the Aiouedupak website for the last 5 years. 

  • 8601 & 8602 AIOU Code General Methods of Teaching & Educational Assessment and Evaluation past papers Download
  • 8603 & 8604 AIOU Code Curriculum Development & Research Methods in Education Download
  • 8605 & 8606 AIOU Code Educational Leadership and Management & Citizenship Education and Community Engagement Download
  • 8609 & 8610 AIOU Code Philosophy of Education & Human Development and Learning Download

AIOU MA Past Papers Master (M.Ed MS MBA M PHIL) Download

AIOU’s past papers MA are provided here online for revision purposes. All the AIOU M.Ed old papers are relevant to the current course code book which can be downloadable in pdf and jpeg. To get considerable benefit from past papers of master level, review AIOU solved papers as well. Solutions of some papers are also available for some codes here. 

AIOU Postgraduate and undergraduate courses past exam papers can be accessed which gives you a mind map of a paper pattern, and assist in exam revision. 

  • 831 AIOU Code Foundations of Education Compulsory Subject Download
  • 837 AIOU Code Educational Research Compulsory Subject Download
  • 838 AIOU Code Curriculum Development and Instruction Compulsory Subject Download
  • 840 AIOU Code Educational Psychology Compulsory Subject Download
  • 826 Elementary Education AIOU Code Paper Compulsory Subject Download
  • 827 Secondary Education AIOU Code Paper Compulsory Subject Download
  • 828 Higher Education AIOU Code Paper Compulsory Subject Download

The students can now download free MBA, MSC, MS, M PHILL, PDH AIOU Past Papers, solve AIOU Past Papers and practice well to score 80–90 marks in the semester exams. Just practicing the past questions, graduates can lead towards success in a very limited period of time. 

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