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Do you want to check how many AIOU Assignments Marks you get in the finals? Or do you want to know the passing marks for assignments? Or might be assignment percentage in the finals! All the solutions will be discussed in this article.

In Pakistan, most universities have the same pattern for the students i.e. quizzes, midterms, final term, and a few reports or assignments, etc. In contrast, Allama Iqbal Open University has a different pattern. AIOU doesn’t entertain any quizzes and midterm marks, but only assignments and final marks are included in the final grading system.

AIOU Assignments Marks have a different weightage, which gives by the marking tutor. It totally depends on the concerned teacher how many marks he or she will give to the student. Normally, if you solve all the questions well, then the teacher gives approximately 70+ marks, up to 90 marks. 

AIOU Assignments Marks Sheet

Students from all over Pakistan can submit their assignments online. Most of the students are from the major cities of Pakistan i.e. Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, etc. Nevertheless, many are also getting education from small cities i.e. Kasur, Rajanpur, Chichawatni, and Small villages as well. 

All these students who upload their assignments on the portal have a desire to check their Assignments Marks Sheet after a month. They want to calculate the total number of marks before giving the final papers because assignment marks have 30% weightage in the finals. Hence, if the student gets 90+ marks in the assignments, then automatically 26-27 Marks will be added to the finals. 

AIOU Assignments Numbers

Two assignments are mandatory in a semester, while there are 4 assignments in a few courses. Each assignment contains 100 numbers, out of which you can easily get 80+ marks by writing all 5 answers. Make sure to write in a good pattern, so the checker gives you outstanding marks. Anyhow, to a great extent, getting excellent numbers depends on the assignment tutor

The grading system depends on the numbers. While passing marks are at least 40 in the assignments. Each question has 20 marks. It is quite possible that each question has two parts, and each part contains 10 marks. Moreover, these questions are very easy to write. If you have good research ability, you can write an assignment in a day. We are going to provide you with a grading system in the table below, so you can able to achieve A+ grades in your assignments.

Numbers 80% and aboveA+
Numbers 70% to 79%A
Numbers 60% to 69%B
Numbers 50% to 59%C
Numbers40% to 49%D
Numbers Below 40%FAIL
AIOU Assignment Marks

According to the grading system, you will be considered failed if your marks are lower than 40. It is advised that write all the questions along with their answers in a well-sequence pattern. Use images and tables in the answers. Make some bullet points that make the assignment better. Make references at the end. In this way, the possibility of getting 90+ marks will be higher. 

AIOU Assignments Marks BA

BA assignment marks are 200 for the two assignments. In each assignment, there is almost a 1-month gap, which means you have ultimately 1 month for completing your assignment. Moreover, the pattern of the writing and uploading assignments is the same as we mentioned earlier. 

AIOU Assignments Marks FA

Microsoft Team account is set for submission of the assignments. If any student of FA is unable to upload the assignment at the given time, he will get 0 marks. To overcome such kind of issue upload your written work as soon as possible, otherwise, be ready for R/E/A in the next semester of a particular course. 

In conclusion, AIOU Assignments Marks play a vital role in gaining an A grade in the final examination results. Try to get 95 marks on each assignment. If you get 190/200 marks in both assignments, then 28.5 marks will be added to your final examination marks. Moreover, you can calculate AIOU Assignment Marks by yourself with this formula i.e. gain marks / total marks * 30 (190/200*30 =28.5). 

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