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According to AIOU, submission of AIOU Assignments of each code is compulsory. for getting higher grades AIOU Assignment Format is useful. If you start your journey in this online university and are in search of information on Assignments, you’ll find your queries here.

AIOU Assignment Format can be handwritten if you are a student of Urdu, Islamiyat, or any other subject whose assignment can’t be writable in Word Format. Otherwise, according to the university, it is vital to write it in Microsoft-Word format. Moreover, you can also Submit it in Pdf format i.e. just change its format from Microsoft-Word to PDF. 

Open university helps create equal opportunities for scholars from different groups and backgrounds to gain good marks by submitting assignments before the last date. But it must be noted that in whatever case, AIOU Assignments are mandatory for passing the Course Code.

AIOU Assignment Question Papers and Answers

The AIOU issued a wide range of courses in various fields, including the Matric to PHD level, and many more. These courses are open for candidates who belong to different backgrounds. Some students find difficulty in Assignment Questions and their Answers due to different educational backgrounds. So, here we are providing you the Link to question papers of all the subjects, offered by the university. 

AIOU Assignment Download Procedure

To download your AIOU Assignment, first of all, visit Assignment QP, the official website assignment page. Choose your desired courses i.e. Bachelor, ATTC, ADC, ADB, BS, BBA, B.Ed., Post Graduate Courses or S.S.C., H.S.S.C., NFE & Literacy certificate, French Online Courses. Once you click on one of them, three bold words will be displayed which are Course Code, Date Last Modified, and Download. Select your code and click on the download Icon. Your assignment question in pdf will be downloaded. 

Submission of AIOU Assignment

Submission of Assignments, twice in a semester is mandatory for every student. A student can upload both assignments at the same time or might be one by one, depending on the ease of the student. Assignments provide valuable knowledge and also help to dive into the depth of the topic through proper research. It should be noted that assignments must be without plagiarism or copy-paste content. Because AIOU Tutors have access to Turnitin, provided by the university, and when they check with that tool, they may fail the student. You can also find here how to Submit Assignments in a very easy way.

AIOU Assignment Books

Books play a very significant role in passing the assignment. Sometimes it is very difficult for the student to collect data from the internet, due to limitations of specific material.  Hence, AIOU Books for assignments help to identify a clear roadmap for writing answers of 5 given questions. Moreover, the online books system was launched by the university a few years ago, so today you can download books online if you can’t find a hard copy.

AIOU Assignment Cover Page

It is the first page of the assignment, usually known as the cover page. There are a few blank rows in it. Candidates have to fill in the student section only. These are the following things which are required:

  • Student Name
  • Name of Tutor
  • Tutor House Address
  • Student Identification Number
  • Student Complete House Address
  • Name of Course
  • Code Number
  • Write Semester Autumn/Spring with Year
  • Assignment Number
  • Date of Dispatch
  • Signature of Student

It must be kept in mind, this cover page is only for handwritten assignments. While, only name, roll number, registration number, course name, and course code is enough for online assignments, which a student makes on Microsoft Word. 

AIOU Assignment Passing Marks

There are overall 2 assignments for each subject, containing 200 Marks. Passing marks are 100 out of 200, which means 50 marks for each assignment. Now there are also three possibilities:

  • First, a student is considered to fail if he/she is unable to submit an assignment on time.
  • Second, a student is also considered to fail if he/she submitted the assignments on time but is unable to pass a written examination of the subject. 70% marks weightage is for the final exam result. 30% marks are for the assignments.
  • Thirdly, workshops and quizzes are also mandatory for passing, because 5 out of 6 classes of workshops are compulsory to attend. 

AIOU Assignment Format

There are a total of 5 questions in each assignment. 5 out of 5 are necessary to solve to get good marks, around 80-95. Structure the AIOU Assignment in a sequence. First of all, create a cover page, and write all the necessary courses and personal details. The cover page is also known as AIOU Assignment First Page. Then write the first question in bold letters with font 16. Research its answer, and write it in a well-organized pattern. In the same way, write all 5 answers to the given question. 

In conclusion, the Assignments are very helpful in scoring excellent marks in the AIOU Final Result. If you are able to obtain 160-180 marks in the assignment, you will be able to gain 24-26 marks out of 30 in the final numbers. Hence, it is proved that the AIOU assignment format is also very important and very effective in acquiring valuable marks for the finals. 

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