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Are you still unable to complete your AIOU Assignment BA/BCOM? As the late date is coming soon, it’s better to submit AIOU BA Solved Assignment Spring/Autumn by downloading it from here. All the codes of the BA 2-year program are available to download. 

AIOU Solved BA Assignments and BCOM Assignments have many codes which are obligatory to submit before the last date. So, we have decided to share all code assignments with you to save your time. You have to just download it in Pdf, do some changes to it, and then upload it on the LMS Portal

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Assignments

BA is a 2-year program after FA. Students who have an interest in art subjects can take the admission to BA. There are a total of 4 semesters in the BA Program and to pass it, solving and submitting all the code assignments are mandatory. 

BA Semester 1 Courses Assignments

Here we are providing all semester 1 to 4 BA Solved Assignments in Word & PDF for the AIOU students. There are a total of 66 Credit Hours in that particular 2-year degree, in which there are few optional codes and the remaining are compulsory.

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
417Pakistan StudiesPDFPDF
1423Compulsory English-IPDFPDF
BA Solved Assignments AIOU Semester 1

BA Semester 2 Courses Assignments

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
1424Compulsory English-IIPDFPDF
1429Business MathematicsPDFPDF
1431Basics of Information & TechPDFPDF
BA Solved Assignments AIOU Semester 2

BA Semester 3 & 4 Courses Assignments

In semesters 3 and 4 all the codes are elective with having these three conditions as mentioned below:

  • Any 3 Courses of 6 Credit Hours
  • Any 6 Courses 3 Credit Hours
  • To take admission in course codes 466 and 467 the courses 422 and 423 must be passed.
  • Courses 438 and 444 can be taken in a semester but course code 444 cannot be taken before 438.

The books of these courses are in English. However, assignments and final examinations can be attempted in Urdu or English.

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
406Economics of PakistanPDFPDF
407Modern Muslim WorldPDFPDF
409Commercial GeographyPDFPDF
412Social & Cultural AnthropologyPDFPDF
422Organizing Library ResourcesPDFPDF
423Library ServicesPDFPDF
426Pakistani Adab-IIPDFPDF
427Pakistani Adab-IPDFPDF
429Mass Education/LiteracyPDFPDF
430Principles of JournalismPDFPDF
437Islamiyat (E)PDFPDF
438Principles of AccountingPDFPDF
444Advance AccountingPDFPDF
449Magazine JournalismPDFPDF
451Public RelationsPDFPDF
452Mass CommunicationPDFPDF
453Radio BroadcastingPDFPDF
454TV BroadcastingPDFPDF
455Book EditingPDFPDF
456Business TaxationPDFPDF
458Community DevelopmentPDFPDF
460Mercantile LawPDFPDF
462Cost AccountingPDFPDF
463Fundamentals of BusinessPDFPDF
464Islamic FiqhPDFPDF
466History of Libraries PakistanPDFPDF
467Classification and CataloguingPDFPDF
484Food and NutritionPDFPDF
485Health and NutritionPDFPDF
487Child DevelopmentPDFPDF
1421Introduction to Environment PDFPDF
1430Business StatisticsPDFPDF

If any code is AIOU Solved Assignment of BA or BCOM is missing in the above-mentioned codes, comment in the section box given below. We‘ll try to provide you as soon as possible. Moreover, you can get more subjects i.e. all higher subjects Solved Assignments as well. 

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