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Are you searching for AIOU Solved Assignments Matric and Dars-e-Nizami in Pdf or Word Format? You are approached on the right place to get all these above mentioned assignments. Just find out your code or course name and click on the download PDF button, and your assignment will be downloaded. 

Matric AIOU Assignments Autumn/Spring have played a vital role in the enhancement of the student research portfolio. Matric is found to be a foundation of a student. It also shows how important these assignments have in arousing interest in the young scholars. These school students learn a lot from virtual education assignments. 

Secondary School Certificate (Matric) Assignments Pdf

There are a total of 4 semesters in the secondary school certificate matric program. Each semester has different course codes, and hence has multiple assignments. Matric Class Solved Assignments are submitted in Pdf and Handwritten as well. But, to save your time we are here to help you. 

Semester 1 Courses

Here we are providing all semester 1 to 4 Matric Solved Assignments in Word & PDF for the new students, who just started their journey in this university. Most of the first 3 semesters have compulsory courses, while in semester 4 there are optional codes. 

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
200Selling of Home-Made ProductPDFPDF
201Islamiyat or EthicsPDFPDF
202Pakistan StudiesPDFPDF
Semester 1 Matric Solved Assignments

Semester 2 Courses

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
204Urdu For Daily UsePDFPDF
207Compulsory English-IPDFPDF
Semester 2 Matric Solved Assignments

Semester 3 Courses

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
203General SciencePDFPDF
221Compulsory English-IIPDFPDF
Semester 3 Matric Solved Assignments

Semester 4 Courses

CodesCourses Name
Option 1Any 2 Courses of 6 Credit Hours
Option 2Any 1 Course of 6 Credit Hours and 2 Courses of 3 Credit Hours
Option 3Any 4 Courses 3 Credit Hours
Semester 4 Matric Solved Assignments

Elective Courses Solved Matric Assignments

Elective codes are basically optional subjects. These elective codes are selected on the basis of interest or will of the student. One thing keep in mind that Course Code 208 and 210 are Pre-requisite, while others are optionals.

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
206Family Health & CarePDFPDF
208Garment Making-IPDFPDF
209General Home EconomicsPDFPDF
210Garment Making IIPDFPDF
217Food and NutritionPDFPDF
218First Aid-IPDFPDF
219Home and Farm Operation ManagementPDFPDF
222Applied Food & NutritionPDFPDF
252Lab Techniques in PhysicsPDFPDF
257Fruit ProductionPDFPDF
260Information Technology BasicsPDFPDF
Optional Courses Matric Assignments Solved in PDF

AIOU Solved Matric Class Assignments are compulsory to pass the final exams. As most of you are just starting their studies in the 9th or 10th class, make sure to submit it on the time scheduled by the university. Moreover, if you need any kind of Assignment feel free to contact us in the comment section. 

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