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Are you in search of AIOU B.Ed Solved Assignments of all the codes? Optional and compulsory courses of 1.5, 2.5, and 4-year B.Ed programs are available to download in PDF. Simply find your code in the provided list below, and click on the download button. 

AIOU is offering so many B.Ed programs. The minimum time duration of the b.ed course is 1.5 years. Because Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan discontinued B.Ed (01 Year) program. Moreover, B.ed is also compulsory to apply for teaching jobs in Pakistan. Hence, it is a good option for the students to keep their studies in the field of B.Ed program. AIOU Solved B.Ed Assignments are available in Pdf in this article. 

AIOU B.Ed 1.5 Years Solved Assignments

Since 2016, under the direction of HEC, AIOU is the first university that has launched a 1.5-year B.Ed Program. It has a total of 56 credit hours in the 3 semesters. It has 18 subjects with 14 subjects being compulsory and 4 subjects being elective. All subjects B.Ed Solved Assignments are free to download in the mentioned below list. 

Semester 1 B.Ed Courses

In the first semester, there are 6 mandatory codes, all the students have to study these subjects. 

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
8601General Methods of Teaching (Professional)PDFPDF
8602Educational Assessment and Evaluation (Professional)PDFPDF
8603Curriculum Development (Foundation)PDFPDF
8604Research Methods in Education (Professional)PDFPDF
8605Educational Leadership and Management (Professional)PDFPDF
8606Citizenship Education and Community EngagementPDFPDF
AIOU B.Ed Solved Assignments Semester 1

Semester 2 Courses Assignments

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
8607Teaching Practice-I (Professional)PDFPDF
8611Critical Thinking and Reflective PracticesPDFPDF
1Area of Specialization (Course-I)PDFPDF
2Area of Specialization (Course-II)PDFPDF
3Area of Specialization (Course-III)PDFPDF
4Area of Specialization (Course-IV)PDFPDF
Semester 2

Semester 3 Courses Assignments

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
8608Teaching Practice-II (Professional)PDFPDF
8609Philosophy of Education (Foundation)PDFPDF
8610Human Development and Learning (Foundation)PDFPDF
8612Professionalism in Teaching (Professional)PDFPDF
8613Research Project (Content Embedded – Professional)PDFPDF
8614Educational Statistics (Professional)PDFPDF
semester 3

Elective courses Assignments

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
8615Management Strategies in Educational InstitutionsPDFPDF
8616School Administration and SupervisionPDFPDF
8617Plan Implementation and Educational ManagementPDFPDF
8618School LeadershipPDFPDF
8619Educational TechnologyPDFPDF
8620Computers in EducationPDFPDF
8621Broadcast MediaPDFPDF
8622Non-broadcast MediaPDFPDF
8623Elementary EducationPDFPDF
8624Secondary EducationPDFPDF
8625Higher EducationPDFPDF
8626Teacher Education in PakistanPDFPDF
8627Foundations of Science EducationPDFPDF
8628Assessment in Science EducationPDFPDF
8629Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety MethodsPDFPDF
8638General Science in SchoolsPDFPDF
8634Foundations of ReadingPDFPDF
8635Teaching ReadingPDFPDF
8636Reading DifficultiesPDFPDF
8615Reading AssessmentPDFPDF

AIOU B.Ed 2.5 Years Solved Assignments

There are a total of 5 semesters in 2.5 years program having total 90 credit hours. Most of the subjects are compulsory, while a fewer are elective as well. It depends on the specialization that which category you want to select in B.Ed. 

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
6465Basics of Technical English3
6401General Mathematics & Statistics3
8611Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices3
5403Basic of Information and communication Technology 3
8605Educational Leadership and Management3
8606Citizenship Education and Community Engagement3
8601General Methods of Teaching3
8602Educational Assessment and Evaluation3
8603Curriculum Development3
8609Philosophy of Education3
8610Human development and Learning (Foundation)3
8612Professionalism in Teaching (Professional)3
6466Comparative Education3
8604Research Methods in Education (Professional)3
8614Educational Statistics (Professional)3
8607Teaching Practice I (Professional)3

There are so many codes or subjects offered by the university for B.Ed program. All the codes 4-year AIOU B.Ed Solved Assignments are also available for download. Ask your code in the comment section, and we’ll try to provide, your required Assignment in Pdf.

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