AIOU Assignment Schedule All Courses 2023

Are you a student of Allama Iqbal Open University and looking for AIOU Assignment Schedule 2023 Spring Semester? Are you anxious about the last date of assignment? Please don’t worry at all. 

A complete AIOU Assignment Schedule of Spring Semester 2023 is announced for all the courses. Now, you can check your all the assignments dates in no time! Step by step we are going to mention all the schedules issued by the university regarding assignments.

AIOU Assignment Date 2023

Assignments submission dates are different for various courses and subjects. As we know, assignments for the spring semester are issued, so all the dates should be according to this season, which mostly continues from March to August.

AIOU Assignment Last Date 2023

In the start of semester there is a very limited burden on the students. Books are already published by the university into the soft copies. So, the university provides two assignments for the students; one at the start of semester and one after the workshop. AIOU Assignment Last Date must be checked, and submission must be before or at least on the last date, otherwise late assignments can’t be uploaded on the LMS. 

AIOU Assignment Schedule BA 2023

Aiouedupak is going to assist you with the AIOU BA Assignment Schedule. Before going further, one thing must be kept in mind that for a few courses i.e. 6 credit hour courses there are 4 assignments which a student have to submit in a semester. All the associate degree and certificate courses assignments schedule are listed in the table below. 

6 Credit Hour CoursesLast Date
Assignment No 114-07-23
Assignment No 209-08-23
Assignment No 304-09-23
Assignment No 429-09-23

BA and AD 2 year degree assignment schedules for spring season have a total of 8 number of assignments. 2 assignments are mandatory to submit in a semester before examination within the last date. For 3 credit hour courses last dates of assignment are:

3 Credit Hour CoursesLast Date
Assignment No 109-08-23
Assignment No 229-09-23

The link of free downloading BA Assignment is here, which is totally free of cost. There is also a possibility that you can share it with your class fellows. But make sure that you don’t copy all the material or content, otherwise tutors can give you 0 marks. 

AIOU FA Assignment Schedule 2023

All the intermediate courses; Dars e Nizami, FSC, Arts and Commerce Group, ICOM, ICS and FA Assignment Schedule were published by the university a few days ago. Each course has multiple subjects. All subjects have at least 2 assignments. AIOU Inter assignments schedule is mentioned below in the table:

6 Credit Hour Courses FALast Date
Assignment No 131-05-23
Assignment No 223-06-23
Assignment No 317-07-23
Assignment No 418-08-23

Moreover, there are a large number of candidates who applied for AIOU Admission in the Intermediate; arts and general group. So, the competition is very high among them. To hold the highest marks in the degree, scholars must be concerned about their assignment marks. They must receive A Grade in the homework. The dates are mentioned, please check so you can avoid an issue in the schedule:

3 Credit Hour Courses FALast Date
Assignment No 123-06-23
Assignment No 218-08-23

AIOU Matric Assignment Schedule 2023

Matriculation education is the right of every citizen living in the country. Teenage children’s living in the remote areas, now have a platform to get education through virtual education. Living in the remote areas they can write their assignments, and post it to their tutors through a public post.  

Matric class candidates are very innocent, and they are unable to write it on Microsoft Word. Most of them don’t have access to computers or laptops, so they have permission to write the assignment on pages. After the writing, they can send it to the postal address of the teacher, who checks and gives marks. Now we are mentioning the dates, and you can download AIOU Assignment Schedule Matric 2023. 

6 Credit Hour Courses MatricLast Date
Assignment No 131-05-23
Assignment No 223-06-23
Assignment No 317-07-23
Assignment No 418-08-23

An additional AIOU Assignment Parat is mandatory for the Matric General and Dars-e-Nizami course children’s. All the details like student id, roll number, tutor name, address etc. should be written on that first page. You must post Solved Assignments to the tutors as soon as possible, so it would reach the checking teacher within the last date. 

3 Credit Hour Courses MatricLast Date
Assignment No 123-06-23
Assignment No 218-08-23

AIOU B.Ed. BS BBA & Post Graduate Programs Assignment Schedule 

To get in-depth knowledge in some field, a graduation degree is the best practice. Graduation is not limited to 2 year programs only, but 4 year programs also included in it. AIOU issued all the details of Graduation Assignment Schedule which you can view in the box below:

B. Ed (1.5, 2.5 & 4 Years), B. Ed (Arabic) & ADE (2 Years)Schedule
Assignment No 115-08-23
Assignment No 215-09-23
Assignment No 130-08-23
Assignment No 229-09-23

AIOU Assignment Schedule BS ATTC ADC 2023

Bachelor of Science for 2.5 & 4 years degrees assignment schedule from AIOU are published here online and downloadable. Moreover, other remaining courses are also available here, you can check your subject to upload on LMS as soon as possible. 

Assignment No 130-08-23
Assignment No 229-09-23
ATTC (Arabic Teacher Training Course)Schedule
Assignment No 1 & 215-06-23
Assignment No 301-07-23
Assignment No 415-07-23

Furthermore, these are few for granted key points that must be remembered during writing an assignment. All questions in the assignment are mandatory and hold the same weightage, but marks within each question will be allocated based on its specific requirements. It is crucial to carefully read each question and provide answers accordingly. Handwritten scanned assignments will not be accepted; instead, the assignments should be typed and submitted in either Word or PDF format before the designated deadline. 

Please note that late submissions cannot be uploaded on the Learning Management System (LMS). Your unique analysis and synthesis of the content will be highly valued. It is important to avoid irrelevant discussions or information, as well as direct copy-paste  data from books, study guides, or any other related material. Moreover, to know the AIOU Assignment Schedule of your courses is very required to get passed in the final result. 

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  1. Salam I have recently taken admission in BS English (spring)0 later on I got my CMS id and password, I have also downloaded my books but now I’m confused I don’t know what to do….I have seen a lot of videos but still don’t know what to do? In CMS all the option a are empty the tutor etc I don’t know what to do kindly help me thank

    1. Wait, workshops will be scheduled after a month or two. Meanwhile download assignments and start writing.

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