AIOU Inter (FA ICOM) Solved Assignments PDF

Are you a student of intermediate and you want to download AIOU FA Solved Assignments or ICOM Assignments in Pdf? Certainly you are at the right place to download each of your subject assignment in Pdf. All courses of FA / I.COM Class Solved Assignments of Spring/Autumn are easily downloadable. 

AIOU offers a a tremendous opportunity for passed students of Matric class to get enrolled in FA, ICOM and Dars-e-Niazami. As one of the biggest university of Pakistan, provides a golden chance for remote areas individuals to keep their education progressive to higher level, and able an individual to achieve a promising future. 

AIOU Solved FA / ICOM Assignments are necessary to submit during a semester. If you already write your assignment, then you can recheck questions and answers from the Solved Assignment FA /ICOM. 8 assignments in a 2 years of  degree are mandatory to get passed in a particular degree. 

Higher Secondary School Certificate (Intermediate) Assignments Pdf

There are a total of 4 semesters in the higher secondary school certificate Intermediate program. Intermediate aspirants have 3 choices after Matric. First is Inter in General Group, second is Inter in Commerce and third is Dars-e-Nizami group in AIOU. Now choice is up to you that which group you choose. Intermediate Class Solved Assignments are submitted in Pdf and as well as Handwritten.

Higher Secondary School Certificate (FA) Assignments

FA is an the first step towards higher education. Students must have an interest in the arts subjects to enjoy his/her studies. As we already mentioned there are total 4 semesters in the FA or HSSC. 

FA Semester 1 Courses Assignments

Here we are providing all semester 1 to 4 FA Solved Assignments in Word & PDF for the AIOU students. 1st and 2nd semesters have compulsory courses in which there are 18 Credit Hours are compulsory, while in semester 4 there are optional codes having 30 Credit Hours are elective.

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
316Islamiyat or EthicsPDFPDF
314Pakistan StudiesPDFPDF
386Compulsory English-IPDFPDF

FA Semester 2 Courses Assignments

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
387Compulsory English-IIPDFPDF

FA Semester 3 & 4 Courses Assignments

In the semester 3 and 4 all the codes are elective with having these three conditions as mentioned below:

  • Any 2 Courses of 6 Credit Hours
  • Any 1 Course of 6 Credit Hours and 2 Courses of 3 Credit Hours
  • Any 4 Courses 3 Credit Hours
  • Course Code 394 and 395 are Pre-requisite
  • Courses Code 398 and 399 are Pre-requisite
  • Course Codes 1307 and 1308, 1309 are Pre-requisite
CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
301Daftri UrduPDFPDF
305Rural DevelopmentPDFPDF
308General SciencePDFPDF
311Book-keeping and AccountancyPDFPDF
321Muslim History of Sub-Continent     PDFPDF
322Secretarial PracticePDFPDF
330Child Care & DevelopmentPDFPDF
343Islamiyat (E)PDFPDF
345Home Management and Home FurnishingPDFPDF
346Principles of CommercePDFPDF
349Plant ProtectionPDFPDF
356Food and NutritionPDFPDF
357Health and NutritionPDFPDF
360Information Technology ApplicationsPDFPDF
376Human Rights PDFPDF
389Quran-e-Hakeem (Translation)PDFPDF
398Sindhi + Easy Urdu-IPDFPDF
399Sindhi + Easy Urdu-IIPDFPDF

Higher Secondary School Certificate (ICOM) Assignments

ICOM is an Intermediate Commerce group having a detail knowledge on variety of topics like trade, aids-to-trade, accounting and banking services etc. All the courses or codes i.e. compulsory and elective are given below. 

ICOM Semester 1 Courses Assignments

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
316Islamiyat or EthicsPDFPDF
317Pakistan StudiesPDFPDF
386Compulsory English-IPDFPDF

ICOM Semester 2 Courses Assignments

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
1339Basics of AccountingPDFPDF
1345Principles of CommercePDFPDF
1347Commercial GeographyPDFPDF
1349Introduction to Business MathPDFPDF

ICOM Semester 3 Courses Assignments

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
387Compulsory English-IIPDFPDF
1340Business AccountingPDFPDF
1346Essentials of CommercePDFPDF

ICOM Semester 4 Courses Assignments

CodesCourses NameAssignment No 1Assignment No 2
322Secretarial PracticePDFPDF
1348Introduction to EconomicsPDFPDF
1350Introduction to Business StatisticsPDFPDF

All the above mentioned AIOU FA Solved Assignment Spring/Autumn 2023 are free to download anytime. Moreover, you can also write all these assignments by yourself on the mobile or laptop in the Microsoft Word. If you want to write by yourself you would need AIOU Soft Books, which are very easy to download as well. Contact us in comment section in case of any problem while writing an assignment. 

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