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Do you have any problems while using AIOU LMS? Don’t you know how to AIOU LMS Login on a mobile or a laptop? Don’t worry at all, we’re going to assist you! After reading this article, you’ll easily open your Profile or Portal. 

The AIOU LMS has been accepted as the easier platform for submitting Assignments and joining online Workshops. The platform has also increased the number of remote areas students, who can conveniently use that platform. Moreover, this unique approach makes the overall process of taking admissions, attending workshops, and log-in enrollment very unproblematically. 


To log in to your LMS AIOU, you must be a student of Allama Iqbal Open University. One of the best efforts done by the AIOU is the creation of LMS, to limit the student’s problems and to register new applicants. It also saves significant time for students. Moreover, it maintains the login account, keeps it up-to-date, and accelerates the speed of the portal.

Aiou lms

How to AIOU Login LMS

The process of login is quite easy and simple. Just follow the below simple steps and your account will be opened. 

  • When you open LMS AIOU, then a dashboard will be opened
  • There will be 4 boxes that come in front of you
  • Click on the 1st box to open Online Workshops and to Submit the Assignment
  • Click on the 2nd box to open Face to Face Programs
  • Click on 3rd box to open the portal for International Students
  • Click on the 4th box to open Microsoft Team
  • By clicking on the Login option, a specific page will be opened

Microsoft Sign In

When you click on the Login option in any of the 4 boxes, the Microsoft Sign-In option will be opened. You need an account to access your dashboard. Sign-in credentials are provided by the university through Text Message. So, when you enter your credentials and click on the log-in button, automatically your account will be opened. Click on the required option i.e. Course Overview and My Courses. 

If you find any error in the user ID and password, then don’t worry. Write your Registration number i.e. 12ABC1234, and add at the end of your registration number. While in case you don’t know your password then check your Text Messages on your registered number. Mostly, a password is in the form of letters and digits i.e. Abcd1234. 

AIOU LMS Account

Student account is very beneficial because all the educational activities are held on that particular account. For attending the workshop and submitting the assignment, an LMS Account is compulsory. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need to create your account. You just need to open your account with the provided credentials given by the university. 

According to the open university, the AIOU account works as a dashboard for the individuals where they may examine their primary details including the timetable of workshops, submission dates of assignments, and all the related data. The account works smoothly on a mobile and a laptop. But to take the workshop directly from LMS, the laptop is more suitable. 

aiou lms account


Once the final result was checked through roll number, then it was also checked through LMS, but now the result is only checked on Enrollment. While, if you want to check the results of the assignments, then they can easily be determined on the LMS; in the Grades section. Click on the grades section and view all the semester assignment marks. Hence, it is advisable to check your grades for checked assignments. 

The AIOU LMS system is probably the best online digital system. This system mitigates the tiredness of travel, as online transformation helps every person who’s living far from a city. It performs well even on a low internet connection. It provides a fair digital structure; is easy to learn, has stepwise categories, and is smooth to work. Finally, if you want to learn about the Portal, you can easily understand the process in a few steps. For more questions ask in the comment section. 

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