AIOU Degree Form Download for All Courses Matric to PHD

After the completion of all the semesters with good grades, the first thing that you need is your Degree. The University would not send it to you until you apply for it. The procedure for getting an AIOU Degree is through manual or online methods. AIOU Degree Form is required to apply in any way either manual or online. 

If you understand the requirements of the AIOU Degree Application Form, you can apply early and will be ahead of your other class fellows. Specific details are enough while filling out the form and then sending it to the main department in Islamabad. In the case of form filling through an online process, significant time and effort can be saved. 

AIOU Degree Form 2023

AIOU Degree Form is an application for the passed-out students who desire an original degree in a 1-2 month time period. Many passed scholars decide to go for a range of options in other universities, so upon the completion of their course they need a degree on an urgent basis. It’s important to choose the right method during the selection of the Form.

AIOU Degree Form Process

The process of Form, from downloading to filling, and then sending by Courier is quite easy. First of all, download the degree form. Secondly, fill out the form manually by hand. Thirdly, envelope it in some package. Fourthly, send it to Islamabad in the Exam department of AIOU for further processing. Through this process, you will be able to fulfill all the requirements and be able to be a degree holder. 

AIOU Degree Form Fee

Under the umbrella of the AIOU Degree Form Fee, there are two perspectives; one is the urgent degree fee and the second is the normal degree fee. Now let’s take a closer look at the fee structure of various courses because fees depend on the courses offered by the university. We are providing you a list of degrees with their fee structure in the table below:

Courses/ProgramsNormal FeeUrgent Fee
Diploma 5001000
Associate Degree ( 2 Year)8001600
BS, BBA, Associate (4 Year)12002400
B.ed (Old)10002000
B.ed (2.5 years)12002400
B.ed (2.5 year)12002400
B.ed (4 years) Allied with 2-year ADE12002400
B.ed (4 years)12002400
M.ed Degree 12002400
B.ed (4 years) Allied with 2 year ADE10002000
MBA, M.A, MSC12002400
MPHIL, MS, MSC Honour 20004000
PHD Degree30006000
Degree Fee for Various Programs

AIOU Degree Form Download Pdf

AIOU Online Degree Form is available which is easily available here. A person can download it in the form of PDF or JPEG. An inserted link will take you to the PDF format, while if you need it in a JPEG or JPG you can download it from here on Aiouedupak. It’s important to remember that there are lots of AIOU Forms available on the website, so be careful if you are downloading from some other place. 

Form Filling Criteria 

It’s mandatory to fill the form section-wise and don’t skip the required information. These required boxes must all be filled before sending. We are providing you with a compulsory checklist to help you fill out your degree form without any trouble. This checklist is not only for the AIOU BA degree form but for all the programs.

Mark a Check Tick on Urgent Fee or Normal Fee✔️
Name of Program✔️
Roll Number and Registration Number ✔️
Group Name (General, Commerce etc.)✔️
Student Name in Urdu and English✔️
Father Name in Urdu and English✔️
House Address for Courier✔️
Phone Number (Compulsory)✔️
Total Fee and Bank Details✔️
CNIC Number✔️
All Passed Subjects Details✔️
Signature of the Student✔️
Degree Form Checklist

Make sure that you fill in all the mentioned details on the form, otherwise, it might not be accepted by the exam controller department. After the completion post on the given address along with your credentials i.e. Bank Challan, Application, and required documents. Furthermore, you can also track your degree through DTS any time after applying.

Address: Controller Exams Certificate Section, Block No 3, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

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